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20 October 2011 at 11:41 AM

The voice of the real economy needs to be stronger in New Zealand, every year, but particularly in an election year. The NZMEA has launched a website, , to give a clear voice to the needs of the tradable economy and ultimately the needs of a sustainable New Zealand economy.

The last three years has seen few gains for manufacturers and exporters despite a lot of rhetoric about rebalancing the economy towards savings, exports and investment. The current account deficit continues to grow. A high and volatile exchange rate still makes export returns uncertain, imbalances in the tax system that incentivise investment in unproductive assets over productive activity remain, and little incentive exists for research and development or early stage business investment.

Essentially New Zealand’s policy framework has not changed, and as these issues are not addressed our debt hole just gets deeper.

ChangeNZ offers those involved in the tradable sector an opportunity to present their thoughts on economic policy and what needs to change to improve conditions for exporters. The picture below is a starting point and contributors are able to add to this as their expertise allows.

I would like to get as many contributors from within the Association membership as possible – you will see there are already some there. We will be seeking more comments from other economic leaders who see the importance of the tradeable sector.

Contributions can be sent via email and we can help as necessary: please phone 0800 353 2540 or email the Association.

Once again, contributions for the site are important every year, but really important in an election year.

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