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Kiwi Made - yeah right.

10 August 2010 at 13:02 PM

Another headline where the origins of products are implied or claimed but they are not what they seem.  Prokiwi International seems as Kiwi as - but no so.  See:

We see it all the time, importers and merchants who want the best of all worlds and a huge margin to match. Get the cost benefits of imports from low cost countries and the pricing premium associated with “buy local” or "kiwi as" feelings associated with confidence in local products and and communities.

Development costs, local supply with short lead-times and quality can cost a bit more, but it costs less to knock off and even pass off one imported product from something truly locally made. We have the above example and another that came up recently -  it does not say Kiwi Made but judge for yourself why it looks the way it does. Wheel1.jpg

We need mandatory country of origin marking.  For just these reasons.

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