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JUN 13

Forget China: technology manufacturing is coming home

The following article appeared in The Telegraph. It talks about the new trend of bringing high tech manufacturing jobs back to the UK and US with positive outcomes.


Breffo, currently one of the...

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MAY 13

John Walley Interview - Budget 2013

John Walley appears on the CTV show, Rob's Country. This month, discussing the 2013 Budget and the Christchurch City Council 3 year plan.

tags: budget, christchurch, ccc, rob's country, exchange rate
MAY 13

Myth of services - a post-industrial fantasy

In the minds of some exists what I refer to as the post-industrial fantasy: that in advanced economies there exists a natural and inevitable decline in manufacturing and a compensating growth in services. The thinking goes on to suggest, as a result, we should not worry about the decline in manufacturing, it is after all natural and inevitable, and not really that much of a worry as...

tags: manufacturing, services, exports, employment, tradable
MAY 13

Radio Live Interview - Perspectives on the budget

John Walley speaks to Wallace Chapman on Radio Live about his views on the 2013 Budget.

Interview with John starts at 30:16.

To listen, click here.

tags: radio live, budget, exports, current account, manufacturing
MAY 13

Mobile NIMBYs

Very few people like to be close to bad smells, noise, airports and factories. This “not in my back yard” mindset has its own acronym “NIMBY”. There are the NIMBYs who have an established position, “we were here first” and seek to impose standards on those who come later, and then there are the NIMBYs who bring their standards with them regardless of any pre-existing rights. The people who...

tags: nimby, reverse sensitivity, woolston
APR 13

Beyond Korean Style: Shaping a new growth formula

Beginning in the 1960s, South Korea has set economic-development records with a growth formula that focused on heavy-industry and manufactured exports. GDP has tripled in just the past 20 years, and South Korea became the first nation to go from being a recipient of aid from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development to being a member of its donor committee. South Korea is...

tags: south korea, growth, middle class, income, manufacturing
APR 13

Manufacturing matters - Winston Peters Speech

The following is a speech by Winston Peters to the Christchurch Businessman’s Club one week after the President of the NZMEA Brian Willoughby presented to the same group – must have seemed like an echo.

It is nice to see a politician supportive towards manufacturing, and openly talk about...

tags: winston peters, manufacturing, accelerated depreciation, reserve bank act, exporting, brian willoughby
MAR 13

What is more important: cark parks or exchange rates?

The following article featured in the March edition of NZ Manufacturer magazine.

It is a worry how much blind defense of the status quo flows from business leaders who claim to represent...

tags: ema, exchange rate, manufacturing, nz manufacturer, car parks
MAR 13

What matters in the economic debate?

This article was originally published as an opinion piece for the New Zealand Herald, found here.

We have a Government in manufacturing crisis denial and claiming anyone who disagrees is manufacturing a crisis. Business NZ, EMA and associated brands like Export NZ claim the...

tags: manufacturing, exporting, current account deficit
MAR 13

The Chicago Plan Revisited

The Chicago Plan Revisited is an IMF working paper by Jaromir Benes and Michael Kumhof. It proposes fundamental changes to our banking system to avoid many of our current issues and instabilities.

Full paper can be found here.

Also a presentation by co-author Michael Kumhof explains the concepts

tags: the chicago plan revisited, jaromir benes, michael kumhof
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