Who is John Walley?

John is an experienced shareholder, director, manager and technologist with significant international experience in strategy, technology, product development, operations and intellectual property management.

John was previously a business development and engineering director at Gallagher, a director of Industrial Research, Stabi-Craft Marine, and chair of Canterprise, Nanotechnology Devices and Prolificx.

After Six years as a Crown Research Director, thirteen years as an active member of the Technology New Zealand reference group, and many years experience in manufacturing and new product development gives John a broad and pragmatic view of the world.

He has taught commercial innovation papers on the University of Waikato Master of Business Administration programme.

Currently, in addition to being a director at Imarda, he is a director of Hamer, a director and shareholder of Powerhouse, and a Chair and shareholder of Horotane Investments and ProActive Software Limited.

John is also a founder and shareholder of several other companies that offer software as service solutions in the psychological testing, systems compliance and medical device domains.

He consults to a number of companies in South Africa, USA, Australia, UK and France.

Mistakes, failures and sufficient success for hope to transcend experience form a long-term commitment to the development of the high technology manufacturing sector in New Zealand; this drives him in his role as Chief Executive of the New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association.

John has an Honours Degree in Electrical Engineering, is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Engineers NZ, a Fellow of the Institute of Management NZ and a Member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers in the UK.

Born and raised in Stoke-on-Trent, educated in Stafford UK, and Cambridge USA, his early career was based in medical physics, electric motors with General Electric Company, cars with Rolls Royce and domestic appliances with Thorne EMI.

He and his family came to New Zealand for a three-year working holiday in 1985, and never got round to going back. John knows New Zealand is a great place and has a drive to try to make it better.

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