RT @Adherium: Adherium's @GetHailie solution, a sensor-based medication monitoring system, heads for direct-to-consumer sales with an eye o…
19/07/2018 8:46 PM
RT @bernardchickey: Awful, awful situation because we didn't invest in infrastructure and people to deal with an unprecedented population s…
28/06/2018 8:28 PM
Excellent preso from Steve Keen: https://t.co/z4nzCk3DpX
23/06/2018 10:02 AM
Automation and jobs not a bad debate: https://t.co/NZjeEHHMsj
9/06/2018 1:35 PM
RT @PositiveMoneyUK: "“Private banks have shown that they cannot be trusted with the privilege of money creation,” said Fran Boait, the exe…
9/06/2018 1:31 PM
RT @Adherium: “As we look at it, being able to bring innovative solutions that improve the medicine and improve the economics is not only i…
7/06/2018 8:24 AM
RT @StephanieKelton: Last two slides I'm going to share from recent talk. Now go out there and get it right. Please. https://t.co/kQuuTV5L…
7/06/2018 8:19 AM
RT @TheEconomist: Why power imbalances might play a big part in the rich world’s wage stagnation https://t.co/HIckZksVG9
5/06/2018 4:13 PM
RT @JamesBCGreens: @NathanHRubin The Narcissist's Prayer: It didn't happen. And if it did, it wasn't that bad. And if it was, that's not a…
5/06/2018 4:02 PM
More on iPace... https://t.co/yVOChQIXuy
4/06/2018 9:35 PM
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MAY 17

On The Land May 2017

TPP on life support, or TPP 11 the TPP less the USA. Given Japan who have long protected their agricultural sector and NZ can agree it might have legs:


USA is well confused:


Much of the discussion around health care ignores basic arithmetic: if health care cost cannot be reduced then the questions are how much and who pays – that user pays or the burden of the cost for the unwell is spread across the community. If you are poor and unwell you might not do well in a user pays environment.


Trump is not doing that well:


After Dutch election, France national and German regional elections moved away from the intense national swing in US and UK.


Post truth and democracy, this is a big subject, it could attack the fundamentals of democracy:


RBNZ held rates, currency too high and still looking for inflation:


Markets are getting softer as the Trump reality bites and his effectiveness becomes clear, UK elections and Greek pain continues:



China “belt and road” trade support tending towards positive.


Election year, dollar an issue for exporters, dairy auction gains still positive: pay-out f/c now mid $6s.




As always:
• housing (housing policy) will continue to be a major political issue.
• housing demand side needs policy attention – short term.
• Housing supply side needs policy attention – long term.

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I am sorry but this comment section has been disabled due to spam. My contact details are easy to find, please contact me if you want to comment or discuss anything on this blog.