@deltablues_king @McMahon4SH @nzlabour - plus scrapping the R&D tax credit and accelerated depreciation on plant.
3/09/2014 4:09 p.m.
RT @MasseyUni: Sir Tipene O'Regan... We've got to dream differently... & not follow the handbook #TePaeRoa http://t.co/9DLo0XoZCc
3/09/2014 9:19 a.m.
@NzMorningReport @SelwynPellett - guess or check, I know what I prefer. I can't be confident on any answer when some answers are guesses.
3/09/2014 8:55 a.m.
@SelwynPellett @FranOSullivan @GayMaxine - vision and change v less and lower - which is easiest sell? What standards should be applied?
3/09/2014 8:36 a.m.
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MAR 12

Swiss show the way

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In the early northern autumn of 2011 the Swiss showed the way to protect international competiveness, the Guardian article sums up the situation back then:


Since the then Governor of the Swiss National Bank has had to resign over an insider trading issue but the Chairman and the SNB have continued to hold the Swiss Franc above the 1.2 mark.

The mechanisms are well known all that is needed is the will.

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