RT @FT: 5. The #TPP is controversial in many of its member countries http://t.co/EnoDmR4hVQ http://t.co/aZjrGjEvb9
6/10/2015 4:07 AM
RT @EconEconomics: The Trans-Pacific Partnership deal has succeeded. Despite America’s bitter internal politics http://t.co/4F9wIAI1GO http…
6/10/2015 4:06 AM
TTPA - it seems they found a way - details will be very interesting.
6/10/2015 1:15 AM
RT @ftworldnews: TPP trade deal: seven things to know http://t.co/9TPGmiRxlh
6/10/2015 1:13 AM
The Economist | Global monetary system: Thrills and spills http://t.co/44Rx2BVuiu via @theeconomist
5/10/2015 12:41 AM
The Economist | Car loans: Warning light http://t.co/bmWtkk001R via @theeconomist
5/10/2015 12:40 AM
@RedHotSquirrel @ProfSteveKeen - nuts: FIRE economy burning everything else "what can't be paid will not be paid" end game will be ugly.
5/10/2015 12:38 AM
@1petermartin @ellenthoen - not US government but donors to the political process chasing payback..
5/10/2015 12:34 AM
The Economist | Free exchange: Taking a pounding http://t.co/f9mkQptVVw via @theeconomist
5/10/2015 12:14 AM
RT @george_cooper__: Minsky's 'stability creates instability' still misunderstood http://t.co/CMlFYUbAat less is more - 'instability create…
4/10/2015 9:42 PM
SEP 10

Earthquake and Aftershocks

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Many of us in Canterbury and Christchurch have been very lucky – to come through such an experience with few injuries and no loss of life is astounding. That said for some the impact on property and their lives has been profound, brick built, none-engineered buildings or those subject to local geological conditions have been hardest hit.

On Monday last at the 131st AGM for the Association two ideas came through strongly; many were physically unscathed and back into shipping stuff to customers but that many had been spooked by the initial earthquake and aftershocks. The pervasive problem is psychological and getting through this will be part of the normalisation process.

This link will take you to comments by Sarb JohaI that hope will be helpful in understanding and dealing with the problem.




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